Data Operations

Today data is growing 2x and moving faster every year. Perlogix takes DevOps principles and supercharges continuous operations with an API-driven approach to storing, extracting, and loading data from multiple streams into one.

Perlogix takes a resilience approach to fast data as the demand and challenges grow with data science and machine learning technologies' evolving ecosystem. We help normalize, denormalize and optimize data models with GPU and serverless architectures.

Core Competencies

We excel on customer projects with the following technical core Data Operations competencies.

  • ETL Design and Implementation
  • Metadata Cataloging and Data Modeling
  • Model Feature Selection and Optimizations


We have developed open source tools and platforms to help our customers to reduce entry points and security findings on an ongoing basis.

  • Machine Learning Container Images
  • Serverless ETL Pipeline Blueprints
  • Container-Based Machine Learning Platform

Common Data Operation Challeneges We Help Support

Customers hire us to solve mundane and complex data operations with an automation approach.

  • ETL Job Failures
  • Kubernetes Data Management
  • Cloud Resource Provisioning
  • GPU Drivers and Configurations
  • Online Model Refitting and Serving
  • ElasticSearch Mappings and Query Optimizations

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