Perlogix was born out of the need to automate workloads to focus on big challenges for our customers implementing ML/AI and other advanced technologies. DevSecOps is vital for the successful delivery of applications and technologies to end-users.

Perlogix goes beyond DevOps by securing your business logic and supply chain with open source technologies lowering adoption risk and total cost of ownership by leveraging over a decade of software engineering experience to IT operational challenges. We enable our customers to merge security and development with tools, processes, and people with more automation capabilities.

Core Competencies

We excel on customer projects with the following technical core DevSecOps competencies.

  • Cloud Operations and Optimizations
  • Infrastructure and Architecture Microservices Modernization
  • Server Provisioning, Configuration Management and CI/CD Automation


We have developed open source tools and platforms to help our customers to reduce unplanned downtime and misconfigurations at no cost to our customers.

  • CI/CD Automation Blueprints
  • Self-Healing Infrastructure Platform
  • Linux Security Hardening and Performance Tuning Tools

Common Issues We Automate For Customers

Customers hire us to solve mundane and complex issues they have running in hybrid environments, including container Infrastructure.

  • CI/CD Upgrades
  • Security Patching
  • Manual DR Failover
  • Cloud Misconfigurations
  • Cloud Resource Management
  • Crashed Applications or Servers

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