Ongoing Services

We offer our enterprise customers cookie-cutter and specialized ongoing services and support. After completing a rigorous project, dream product, or making their infrastructure resilient, we offer customers the most straightforward support model without impeding the progress of their milestones. Often, customers don't have the internal staff or want automated services to supplement their team's ability to deliver their milestones without worrying about mundane tasks. Perlogix is here to support your day two operations.

Key Features of Our Ongoing Services

Perlogix is not limited by technical boundaries. We have expert engineers working around the clock to support customer's infrastructure & applications, on-premises, and/or cloud service provider's environments.

  • Simple onboarding and offboarding.
  • We offer optional alerting to email or Slack.
  • We offer customized ongoing service plans.
  • No additional software license costs to you for our ongoing services offering.
  • We offer unified insights that go beyond our competitors and other service providers.
  • We offer IT operations and security dashboards with our ongoing services subscription.
  • We support industry security compliance rules and scanning of NIST 800-53, DISA STIG, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS environments.

ongoing service

ongoing service

Server Management Services

Fine Tuned Server Management Services

Customers choose us because we leverage open source server tools that are lightweight, safe, and easy to install and remove. We can customize server automation and tune systems to meet demanding workloads with minimal manual management. Our pre-built solutions have decades of experience behind them for managing Windows and Linux servers.

  • Patch updates and verification.
  • Automatic server baseline image creation.
  • Server insights and monitoring automation.
  • Server vulernability scanning and reporting.
  • Windows and Linux bloatware removal/tuning scripts.
  • Server security hardening scripts for multiple compliance standards.

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Cloud Management Services

Cloud Management 360

We bring software development skills to automating Cloud Service Providers (CSP) by leveraging their native APIs to automate, secure, and drive insights to our customers as a value-added service for choosing Perlogix. On top of providing dashboards to capitalize on cloud resources, we also offer customizable solutions that you get to keep.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery.
  • Migrate and managing workloads.
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting.
  • Cloud resources total life-cycle management.
  • Right-size and cost savings recommendations.
  • Provide customized cloud security compliance packs for FISMA, HIPAA, FedRAMP, NIST controls.

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Application Management Services

Uninterrupted Application Management Services

Perlogix is a trusted technology partner that enables businesses' digital products never to go down. We take great pride in building and supporting resilient applications that withstand demands and anomalies. We offer a wide range of application support and management, including custom software enhancements, bug fixes, and new go-to-market activities. Our engineers take great pride in shaping foundations.

  • Static code analysis reports.
  • Application resource management.
  • CI/CD and automation improvements.
  • Application architecture optimizations.
  • Resilience and auto-scaling enhancements.
  • Continuous security vulnerability assessments.

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