Software Development

Perlogix helps customers develop and support software products through design, production, and maintenance. We specialize in microservices development on-premises or leveraging Cloud Service Providers offerings. We collaborate with customers defining the initial product offering for their end-users. We offer more than an MVP application design and applications as most of our customers require a strong foundation for their customers that demand more than an MVP.

We offer full-spectrum services on building new or updating existing code bases that require rigorous automated testing for UI, Middle-Tier, and Backend components. No matter how distributed the microservices are, we bring specialized experience to complex tracing challenges.

Core Competencies

We excel on customer projects with the following technical core Data Operations competencies.

  • Third-party and API Integrations
  • Serverless Lambda Development and Architecture
  • Full Stack Web Application Design and Development


We have developed open source tools and platforms to help our customers to reduce entry points and security findings on an ongoing basis.

  • Hardened Web Server Configurations
  • Automatic Code Quality and Security Reporting
  • Local and Kubernetes Development Environments

Common Software Development Support We Help Customers With

Customers hire us to develop complex applications that don't have time to define all requirements upfront.

  • Technical Debt and Bug Fixes
  • Database Migrations and Modeling
  • Producer and Consumer Pattern Design
  • Search Functionality and Improvements
  • Agile Development Process Implementation
  • Python, Javascript, Go and Java Development Support

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